Sep 18, 2019

North Adams Housing Authority, Board of Commissioners

June 30, 2016
Meetings & Notices

Board of Commissioner’s June Meeting
June 30, 2016 5:30 P.M.
150 Ashland Street Apt#106

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of May 23, 2016 minutes

3. Communications-
Executive Director’s Report, Monthly financial report, FY 2015 audit, Greylock Community Center specifications and estimated projected cost, delinquencies, Operating Fund Financing Program terms and conditions

5. Old Business
a) Flood House transfer status

6. New Business
a) NAHA FY 2017 Annual Plan approval
b) Approval of late rent fee
c) Approval to authorize Executive Director to enter into financing agreement
c) Other Commissioners Concerns
7. Executive Session
a) Executive Director annual contract and salary negotiation
8. New Business
a) Approval of Executive Director contract

7. Adjourn

To: North Adams Housing Authority Board Members

From: Jennifer Hohn, Executive Director

Date: June 21, 2016

Subject: Status Report for June meeting

I. 34-1 West End & Riverview
There are two vacancies at Greylock Valley and one vacancy

II. 34-2 Ashland Park Apartments
There is one vacancy

III. 34-6 Spring Park Apartments
There are two vacancies

IV. Mass Rental Voucher Program (MRVP)
Of the nine allocated units at Tunnel Brook seven are under lease. There are also 4
DMH (Department of Mental Health) vouchers currently being administered by

V. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV)
There are a total of 311 units leased today locally, with 15 in other communities for
A total of 316 leased units. Currently there are 58 Project Based Vouchers leased up at Brayton Hill. There are currently 9 vouchers outstanding who haven’t leased up.

VI. General Administration

Members of the North Adams Police Department along with Massachusetts State Troopers attended training on May 27th on the new Platesmart software hosted by Valley Communications and NAHA. NAHA will be sharing the software access with both departments to enhance the benefits and collaborate security efforts.
HCV Specialist Marissa Parker completed a 3 hour Section 8 waiting list management training on June 14th. She will be receiving her HCVcertification in Michigan after a week long training on August 22-26th.

Greylock Waste Lines – Phase 2
A construction contract has been awarded to J&M Geary Construction in the amount of $ 101,460. This work is complete. A final inspection will be performed this week and closeout will commence.

Greylock Crawlspace Insulation and Ventilation – Phase 2
Work will follow the waste line work. Westall Architects is assisting with modifications to their original design from the first phase and construction administration. Bids were opened 6/14/16. One bid was received. J&M Geary Construction base bid is $ 176,776, which is within the project budget of $ 180,000. An award recommendation will go out this week.

Greylock Waste Lines – Phase 3
Bids were opened 6/14/16 to carry out the third and final phase of this project. Two bids were received: Pittsfield Pipers: $ 62,980 and Mike Lahey Plumbing $ 37,200. The project budget for this project is $ 52,000.

Video Surveillance Improvements at Ashland Park and Greylock
Valley Communications is in closeout phase of this project

Greylock Sheds Door Repair
This project is complete. Final payment is being processed.