Dec 18, 2018

Board of Health

August 31, 2016
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Conference Room #202


1. Approval of Minutes (June 15, 2016)

2. Micro-Blading (Donna Messenger)

3. Late Fees on Invoices for Licenses

4. Revise Tobacco Regulations

5. Sharps Disposal Kiosk

6. Director & Code Enforcement Reports


Brendan Bullett, Chairperson

August 31, 2016

Members Present: Brendan Bullett (Chairperson)
John Meaney, Kevin Lamb

Others Present: James O’ Brien, Director of Health / Code Enforcement, Melissa Martin (BOH Secretary), Gene and Donna Messenger

Chairperson Bullet made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by John Meaney. Unanimous vote.

Donna Messenger: (Messenger Beauty Escape) comes to the board to discuss a new technique that she would like to include in her services, Micro-Blading. Micro-Blading is a form of a tattoo but it doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo. A disposable blade is used with special ink to blade in the hair strokes so it gives women eye brows back. It is a form of a tattoo but it doesn’t go as deep. A tattoo goes into the dermal layer that lasts forever; micro-blading goes into the basil layer, with touch ups between 6-12 months. It is a big deal for women especially cancer survivors, and alopecia patients. Mrs. Messenger stated that she has done training through Vesta Academy, with more training to come in September. She presents photos to the board of clients that she has done. She is insured for this technique of micro-blading. She also belongs to the American Academy of Micro Pigmentation. Chairperson inquired about our Tattoo Regulations. Director O’Brien stated that it would be a Body Art License with restrictions for just the micro-blading only. The director mentioned that he had been on site and it is very clean facility. Donna states that this is actually an art form that puts smiles on people’s faces that have certain conditions. Member Meaney asked if there was anyone else doing this service? Donna mentioned someone in Pittsfield. Member Lamb inquired if there are some individuals that should not have this done. Donna stated that there is an intake form and that people that take blood thinners and people undergoing cancer treatments probably should not but she would go over their health history. There are specific guidelines. Director O’Brien inquired if Micro-Blading was exclusive to eyebrows? Donna stated that you can do eyeliner and do aerials on breast reconstruction, but she will only be doing eyebrows. If in the future she wants to expand from only eyebrows, she would need to come in and accentually revise her application with the board. No meeting is required but proof of training should be submitted for approval. Chairperson Bullett made a motion to allow micro blading at Messenger Beauty Escape, motion seconded by member Lamb, unanimous vote. The fee for the Body Art License is $150, do we want to adjust for the restricted license. After discussion, the fee was adjusted to $75. Donna will submit the application, copies of certificates, and fee to obtain her license.

Late Fees of Invoices: It was determined that the late fee will stay the same at ˝ the cost of the license. Chairperson Bullet stated that most of ours are repeat offenders, I answered yes. Member Meaney asked if this was put right on the invoice, I answered yes.

Director O’Brien mentioned that Mark Bushee from Tri-Town Health has been doing there inspections, the board reviewed his report dated 8/29/2016.
No longer selling tobacco – Walmart, Stop and Shop, Drapers, Rite aid.
Xtra Mart at 232 Ashland Street – Claimed because they had in-house training they did not need certifications. Informed them that this is not the case and left a packet about retailer training.
Ed’s Package and Variety – Needs a copy of the regulations mailed or dropped off. Was upset about the new regulations at first and said he was not going to do the training. I explained the reason for it and the process. Also informed him I would let North Adams board of health know and he seemed more receptive after that.
West Package – Had wine flavored Cigars however they removed them once I explained the flavor ban to them.
River Street package – Has a licenses however does not have any tobacco only some zig zags. I explained the regulations for him, gave him information on the training, and signs.
Getty 325 State Road – Had Jazz and Casino flavored cigars was removed.
The only places I did not get to was the corner market (they were closed) and the Cumberland farms that is being remodeled and the new smoke shop going in this week. Pricing for the Corner Market is due next month so I will follow up on those stores when I go to do that.
All the other stores were good.
Chairperson Bullett made a motion to vote in the changes for Section C under definition for the tobacco regulations; (Adult Only Retail Tobacco Store: An establishment that is not required to possess a retail food permit whose primary purpose is to sell or offer for sale, but not for resale, tobacco products and tobacco paraphernalia, in which the sale of other products is merely incidental, and in which the entry of persons under the minimum legal sales age is prohibited at all times, and maintains a valid permit for the retail sale of tobacco products as required to be issued by the Pittsfield Board of Health.
Characterizing flavor: A distinguishable taste or aroma, other than the taste of aroma of tobacco, menthol, mint or wintergreen, imparted or detectable either prior to or during consumption of a tobacco product or component part thereof, including, but not limited to, tastes or aromas relating to any fruit, chocolate, vanilla, honey, candy, cocoa, dessert, alcoholic beverage, herb or spice; provided, however that no tobacco product shall be determined to have a characterizing flavor solely because of the provision of ingredient information or the use of additives or flavorings that do not contribute to the distinguishable taste or aroma of the product. Seconded by member Lamb. Unanimous vote.
Sharps Disposal Kiosk; Director O’Brien informs the board that we have the ability to receive a sharps disposal kiosk at no cost through the state. We have already received 400 small sharps containers but we need to find an area that is accessible 24 hrs. a day. Director O’Brien suggested here at City Hall outside by our handicap ramp. Member Meaney said if it doesn’t work out at this location, he will try and find space at the ambulance service. We only need to provide a location, they will maintain and empty. Member Meaney inquired about how people would know about the kiosk. Director O’Brien stated that Wendy Penner, NBCC is in charge of that. We currently have no information on the kiosk except for the graphics that will be on it. Chairperson Bullett inquired about Tapestry. Director O’Brien mentioned that they have the approval but no location.
Director & Code Enforcement Reports:
Since the last meeting, there have been 52 Certificates of Compliance and 8 Re-Inspections pending for a total of 52, generating $1,560.00.

287 River Street (Anthony Donovan, owner), trash complaint. Mr. Donovan has been warned of this problem in the past, also property violations. He received a ticket for $500 due to multiple complaints beginning in March. If nothing happens, we will pursue in the court system. We were initially called to the property because of a possible overdose.
131 Protection Avenue – 51 cats in a dwelling. The house was cleaned and the cats were well maintained. To date, she placed 29 cats in shelter; however there is no more room available for more cats a these shelters. When the shelters are able to take more cats, the owner will relinquish more to the shelters. The animal control officer will keep checking on this situation.
16 Hudson Street (Francis Albis), pictures provided to the board: 2 of 3 dogs were removed. We were initially called to the property because of a trash complaint.
111 Sullivan Street (North Adams Housing Authority): Multiple animals and 2 children, completely deplorable conditions. We were initially called because of no power.
43 Liberty Street (Janeen Flag): fire in the basement.
Director O’Brien informs the board that effective September 16, 2016 he will no longer be employed by the city. His resigned on 8/22. He has been offered a position with the Town of Williamstown School Department, head of buildings and grounds. He tells the board that he appreciates all the support over the years from the board but he needs a change. The director stated that he can help as needed until such time they get the position filled. The board thanked Jim for his service. He will cover Fresh Grass and assist me (Melissa) if I need his assistance.
I mentioned the next regular meeting which will be September 19th, I will be on vacation. So after discussion, we will not have a meeting that night but will continue on October 19th.
Meeting adjourned 5:15pm.

Next regular meeting will be October 19th. No meeting in September.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin