Apr 10, 2020

North Adams Historical Commission

June 21, 2017
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Historical Commission will meet Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at 11:30AM in the second floor conference room #202 of City Hall.

Items for consideration will be acceptance of minutes from previous meeting, grant for renovations to Sarah T. Haskins School thanks from Anne Nemetz-Carlson, Local Historic District Study Committee (Church Street Cady Hill Historic District), Stockbridge conferences May 26, June 2, June 16, Berkshire Eagle workshop June 13, Preservation Workshop January 5, (forms to First Congregational and Hillside, next year Masonic Temple) Redevelopment Authority Public Hearing amendment to Western Gateway Heritage State Park boundaries vs. FreightYard Historic District May 30, demolitions at the Redwood Motel/Stevens’ barn 861 State Road, 45 Edgewood (revisited no statute of limitations August 2014), 11-15 Furnace, 178 and 638 Ashland, 689 Church Street (part of seven barns/garages), 154-156 Protection Avenue, gas station Braytonville Y, 137 Mohawk Trail, 23 Arnold Place, 27 Hall Street, 306 Union and 447 Walnut Street (ratification in formal session of visits and email votes); concerns such as 111 River, Windsor Mill, City Yard, Arnold Print/Mill Children columns, progress on Survey grants (conference call this AM – past Kempville, next Greylock Mill area, Wigwam and Ft. Mass-Indian Ledge), next phase Armory, Fort Massachusetts’ status and 270th commemorations (2016 siege, 2017 rebuilding), John Henry Haynes program, recognition of former sons and daughters, and comments from guests including but not limited to City Hall liaison Mike Nuvallie and new employee Larysa Bernstein.

Justyna Carlson, Chair