Sep 18, 2019

The Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire

December 05, 2017
Meetings & Notices

Melanie Mowinski
Chair, Cultural Council of Northern Berkshires

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The Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire will be holding it's next meeting Tuesday, December 5, 2017, beginning at 5 pm at 49 Main Street, the MCLA Design Lab. It is open to the public. We will be reviewing the 2018 grant applications.

Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire County December 5, 2017 Agenda


Review and Approval of Minutes from last meeting

Leadership Review and confirmation (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer)

Fundraising and communication with our member towns

Request from Shakespeare and Company

Reimbursement Update

Proposed schedule for future meetings: First Tuesday of February, March, April at 5 pm Topics for meetings depending on MCC availability • MCC visit/Role of Cultural Council outside of the granting cycle • Council Priorities • Marketing

Grant allocations by committee
• Schools
• Visual Arts
• Performing Arts
• Science and Humanities

Additional Business