Aug 07, 2020

Airport Commission Meeting

December 19, 2017
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Airport Commission will hold its monthly meeting
Tuesday, December 19th 2017 @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor at City Hall the agenda is as follows;


Tuesday December19th 2017

1.) Minutes:

2.) Warrant:

3.) Airport Managerís Report:

4.) Project Updates:

5.) Michael Milazzo ( Airport Leases)

6.) Open Forum

7.) Adjournment:

Minutes, Tuesday January 16th 2017
Chairman Armand Paul Boillat, called meeting of the North Adams Airport
Commission to order @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: Armand Paul Boillat Interim , Chairman
Shaun Dougherty
Matt Neville

Trevor Gilman
Jeffrey Naughton

MINUTES: Approved


1st MOTION OF BUSINESS: Armand Paul Boillat was elected interim in the absence of Jeffrey Naughton for a period of 3 months. A motion was made by Matt Neville and seconded by Shaun Dougherty.


Date: 1-16-18
Old Business Update:
- Gate 10 continues to need tweaking as we determine the causes for intermittent failures.
New Business:
- None
Airport Needs:
- None
City Yard Requests / Resolutions:
- Multiple plowing requests were answered promptly considering the condition of the city streets.
Ramp Tie-Down Aircraft:
- No issues
NOTAMS Published:
- Numerous weather, and runway and taxiway surface related.
Accidents / Incidents:
- None
Complaints / Reports Filed:
- None
Maintenance and Security Monitoring:
- No issues
Fuel Statistics:
Av Gas Tank reading: 2,910 gallons
Used since last report: 390 gallons
Av Gas Price Per Gallon: $4.50
New England average price per gallon: $5.26
New England lowest price per gallon: $3.99
New England highest price per gallon: $7.99
National average: $4.87
National lowest price per gallon: $3.30
National highest price per gallon: $10.29

Project Updates: ( Stantec): Peter Enzien stated that are working with Berkshire Fence to resolve the gate issues not closing. Once the issues are resolved Stantec will close out the grant. Hangar renovations are coming along slowly they are doing the finishing work and the extension on the hangar project should be completed by Jan 31st 2018. The MassDot Dr. building relocation project Stantec submitting the final Scope and Fees for the project this week. The contract should be in place around 1st week of February 2018. Then schematics and design will begin. The goal to start construction per Stantec is early summer. Also, MassDot cleaning will be going to the airport an and cleaning up the trees early next week. The bid went to Northern Tree Cleaning Services. Bruce Goff asked if it ok to stop in the FBO while renovations are going on. Peter Enzien stated that it not a good idea to stop in while under construction. Chairman Paul stated that no one is allowed on the property while under construction. It is a liability and no one is allowed in the building without supervision. Peter Enzien from Stantec, said he would notify Senecal Builders and let them know that no one is allowed in while construction is being done. Mike Milazzo asked if the lock on the FBO is the same or has it been changed, His concern was to leave access so the transients and pilots can come in and out. Commissioner Boillat said he will look into access of the building and let him know next meeting.

Alex Kelly ( Business Proposal) : Alex Kelly, who recently purchased TeamFlys from owner Paul Renaud, addressed the commission about his plans to expand operations at the airport.

"I am not looking to reinvent the wheel but just run a flight school," said Kelly, who owns an aviation business in Bennington, Vt. "They are all over the country but the difference with this is that I am motivated and ready to invest ... I think we can bring a lot of positive attention and some activity here. At the very least, we will burn a lot of fuel and purchase a lot of fuel from you."

Kelly said he has five planes and could potentially move them all to North Adams. He said he would like to operate a flight school, scenic flights, aircraft rental and tow plane.

He said the business he hopes to bring to North Adams will only help the community.

"We bring a lot of people from all around ... and our customer base is relatively affluent, and they come and have a lot of fun," he said. "People are blown away when they leave ... and they tell everybody about it for the rest of their lives and tell them what they did and where they did it."

Kelly said he would be interested in possibly purchasing a hangar with office space and noted that there was space available at the airport.

"I have looked at it and I know there is a lot of work to be done in there," he said. "It is in pretty bad shape and I don't know how it works but I would like to bid on it."

Kelly did ask how soon he could get an answer because he would like to start advertising. He did mention, with concern, that he already run into some issues with the airport.

"To be honest my experience so far has been kind of questionable and I just really wanted to see what the answer would be before I wasted any more time," he said. "It has been a very unique in this town for someone who is trying to invest in the town." Mike Canales asked Mr. Kelly to email him a proposal and Mike Canales would present it to the commission before the next airport meeting. Will discuss at the next meeting, will add Mr. Kelly to the Feb. agenda.

Leases: Mike Canales, said the city solicitor is still reviewing the airport leases. Because of the confusion over what operations pay a lease at the airport, tenants asked that the commission try to set the record straight. Mike Canales said going forward they will set up standardized leases and fee structure that everyone will follow. This will be put on the agenda for February.

Open Forum: Bob Cardimino had several questions re: Leases, he asked if everyone has a lease at the airport, commissioner Boillat said. He also asked if money was missing from the airport, again commissioner Boillat cannot comment on these issues still under investigation. He asked how do they pay for fuel at the airport, Commissioner Boillat said it is a credit card machine just like the ones at the gas station. He also asked what everyone was paying for leases at the airport. Mike Canales asked me give Mr. Cardimino a copy of the leases. Mr. Cardimino picked it up on Jan 23rd 2018.
Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Shaun and seconded by Matt.