Jul 12, 2020

North Adams Traffic Commission

March 12, 2018
Meetings & Notices

11 Summer Street
North Adams, MA 01247

February 21, 2018

The North Adams Traffic Commission will hold a regular meeting on Monday March 12, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the second floor conference room at City Hall.
The agenda will be as follows:

1. Issues dealing with the speed of motor vehicles on Church Street. Tabled from last meeting.
2. Traffic issues concerning the Franklin Street area. Tabled from last meeting.
3. Creating metered parking on the Easterly side of Ashland Street between Summer and Quincy Sts.
4. Creating a No Parking Zone on Leonard Street.
5. Hidden drive sign on Veazie Street in the area of 40.

Mary Ann King, Chairwoman

North Adams Traffic Commission
North Adams City Hall

Members Present:
MaryAnn King
Dave Sacco
Paul Markland
Steve Rondeau
Erik Buddington

Public Present:
Jim and Karen Baumbach
Mark Boyce
Robert Cardimino
Glenn Maloney
Cathy Varrier

Meeting Start Time: 6:36

November Meeting Minutes Approved

Church Street traffic. Officers have been visible on Church Street with radar and more Speed Limit Signs have been posted. 30 M.P.H.

Continuance of No through Traffic on Franklin St. Motion to deny request and a second approved. MaryAnn read letters from all 3 Emergency Service Directors that stated they were opposed to this change and how it would affect their response times for their departments and the safety of residents living in this area, especially the North Adams Commons.
Tim Lescarbeau emailed MaryAnn and stated in the spring the sidewalks and overhanging brush would be looked at. It was further stated that under ADA compliance Franklin St. would fall under a wavier do to the contour of the road.
As for the crosswalks requested, they have to go from sidewalk to sidewalk, cannot go to a grassed area or through the middle of someone’s driveway.

The board voted to table the installation of Parking Meters on the Easterly side of Ashland Street in the area of Summer and Quincy Sts. After some discussion by Glenn Maloney and the board it was decided to take some measurements to see if there is enough room for a travel lane after meters are installed. Approved-all in favor.

Creating No Parking on Leonard St.. This would be a distance of 70’ northerly on the right hand side of the street when coming in from Edgewood Ave. Residents of the area were present to address this issue. Again the board decided to table until next meeting for measurements and so they could look at the area. Approved-all in favor

Hidden drive sign on Veazie St. Could not reach party that requested this, came in as a phone call, no letter of request. Tabled to see if the party can give more information as to the reasoning. Approved-all in favor.

Mr. Cardimino would like a few more No Parking Signs on the curve on East Quincy St. Also stated the light at Center and Holden Sts. Is missing.

Motion to adjourn –Approved at 7:48.