Feb 17, 2020

Parks & Recreation Meeting

January 27, 2020
Meetings & Notices


Date: January 27, 2020

Meeting will start at 6:00 @ Law Library in City Hall!

Minutes from November 18, 2019

Open Forum:

Old Business:

Update: River Grove Dog Park to have the walking track made a complete loop, and have more benches placed by playground area. Discuss time frame to get this done.

Update: Discuss revised Brayton Park project. The Brayton Hill new playground is under construction.
Update: Address Noel Field Complex, water park, baseball fields soccer field and skateboard park.
Update: The skating rink and armory should become part of parks and rec department.
New Business:
North Adams Youth Baseball field usage other baseball softball leagues usage.
MCLA Use of fields for 2020.
Other sports use of city fields and parks.

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Koperek
Parks & Recreation Commission