Jan 21, 2019

Alcohol, Marijuana, and Opioids: What Parents Need To Know

November 01, 2016
Cultural Events

Church St Center, MCLA, 375 Church St

(413) 663-7588

6 pm - 8 pm



Tuesday, November 1 Discussion - 6:00 pm (Pizza provided at 5:45 pm)

We all dream that our children will grow up to be happy, healthy, intelligent members of

society. Decisions about substance use can derail those dreams. Dr. Jennifer Michaels, medical

director of the Brien Center, will speak about how the brain develops from childhood to

adulthood, the impact of alcohol, marijuana and opioids on a young personís brain, and how

YOU can foster healthy decisions during this critical time period. Who should attend? Parents,

caregivers, grandparents, teens, teachers, social service providers, clergy, and any community

members who care about our youth and the health of our community.