Public Arts Commission: Master Plan for Public Art

This document (click the link below) focuses on the short list of place-making priorities that have been identified by the PAC as potential locations for future public art. The goal of the review is to confirm the place-making priorities that best serve the PAC's master plan vision: 

Public Art Opportunities DRAFT

Public art in North Adams contributes to the community’s identity as an arts destination and center for creativity; it fosters community pride, ownership and a sense of belonging; and contributes to the quality of the City's built environment. The role public art plays in the life of North Adams builds upon four central ideas:

i) Culture:
North Adams is growing in importance as a place for arts, culture, and creative enterprise. Public art projects can bring innovative and distinctive art experiences to public places that draw upon the City's unique character, add new landmarks to the cultural landscape, and directly support artists in the creation of new art and the exploration of new ideas.

ii) Community:

North Adams is a diverse and growing community. Public art projects can bring people together, build bridges, and stimulate conversation.

iii) Economy:
The thoughtful and strategic use of public art can enhance tourism, make city-wide connections, and highlight local businesses and industry in North Adams.

iv) Design:

Public art can elevate the quality and creativity of the design of public spaces in North Adams, mark important community gateways and thresholds, and help anchor important gathering places.

The document will be posted for additional comment through Friday, February 12. Questions and comments should be submitted via email to