Traffic Commission

The North Adams Traffic Commission consists of seven members, one member of the City Council and six members appointed by the Mayor. Members of the Traffic Commission serve three-year terms and require reappointment by the Mayor.  Vacancies occurring on the Commission may be filled in the same manner, but only for the balance of an unexpired term.

The North Adams Traffic Commission is responsible for developing policies and practices for the regulation and control of traffic; installation, operation and maintenance of parking meters in existing parking meter zones; establishment and discontinuance of parking meter zones; the parking of vehicles on public ways; the installation and maintenance of traffic signs and traffic control signals. The Traffic Commission studies and reports on proposed resolutions, orders, or ordinances for the regulation of traffic; however, reports and recommendations of the Traffic Commission are advisory only.

Mary Ann King, Chair


Mailing Address
Traffic Commission
City of North Adams
10 Main Street
North Adams, MA  01247

Members Seat Term Expiration
Vacancy Member January 2024
Mary Ann King Chair January 2024
Paul Markland Member January 2025
Ian Wilson Member January 2025
Kevin Hempstead Member January 2024
Paul King Member January 2025
Bryan Sapienza City Council Liaison  

As needed in conference room 202 on the second floor of City Hall.

City Council Liaison
Bryan Sapienza

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas and minutes are posted with Meeting Materialsotherwise, they are available by contacting the Parking Department.