Youth Commission

(the structure of the Youth Commission and the Youth Commission ordinance are currently being reviewed by the City Council)

The North Adams Youth Commission consists of fifteen members appointed by the mayor and subject to confirmation by the City Council. Membership will include ten members between the ages of 13 and 22, two of whom are college students; and five adults. Members are expected to have an understanding of the needs of young people in North Adams, experience with youth programs or youth organizations, or involvement with school or community activities. Members of the North Adams Youth Commission serve five-year terms and require reappointment by the mayor and confirmation by the City Council. Vacancies occurring on the Commission may be filled in the same manner, but only for the balance of an unexpired term.

The North Adams Youth Commission is responsible for providing an ongoing forum for communication between City government and local youth; examining existing social, economic, educational, and recreational programs for youth; and for proposing plans that support or improve such programs to the mayor and City Council. The Youth Commission responds to requests for comment and recommendation on matters referred to the Commission by officers, departments, agencies, boards, commissions and advisory committees of the City of North Adams.