Jan 21, 2019

School Building Committee

November 16, 2015
Meetings & Notices



The North Adams School Building Committee will hold a meeting on
Monday, November 16th at 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 202 (second floor) at City Hall

North Adams School Building Committee Agenda

16 November 2015

5:00 p.m.
Conference Room 202
City Hall


I. Call to order

II. Reading and Approval of Records
a. Minutes of 28 September 2015
b. Minutes of 19 October 2015
c. Minutes of 02 November 2015

III. Committee Business
a. Financial update report by SBS
b. Schedule review and update

IV. Project Discussion/Updates
a. Construction Status Update
b. Update on Project Schedule by general contractor PDS.
c. JWA update
d. Other project concerns on the minds of SBC members

V. Other issues that may come before the Committee

VI. Future meetings
a. Next meeting to be November 30, 2015

VII. Adjournment


16 November 2015


Building Committee: Mayor Alcombright, John Franzoni, Jean Bacon, Nancy Ziter, Michele Vareski, John Hockridge, Sandra Cote, Spencer Moser, Annie Pecor, James Montepare, Shelley Fachini and Ron Superneau,
Jones Whitsett Architects: Dorrie Brooks
Colliers International (formerly SBS): Andy Gentile

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm and held at the City Hall Conference Room 202, 10 Main Street, North Adams.

A motion was made by Ron Superneau and seconded by Nancy Ziter to approve the minutes of the 28 September 2015 meeting. Motion passed.
A motion was made by Ron Superneau and seconded by Sandra Cote to approve the minutes of the 19 October 2015 meeting. Motion passed.
A motion was made by Ron Superneau and seconded by Michele Vareski to approve the minutes of the 02 November 2015 meeting. Motion passed.

Andy Gentile from Colliers stated that overall the budget the numbers look good and we are still on budget. Mayor Alcombright stated that there is currently approximately $670K in outstanding items

A. Construction Status Update – provided by Andy Gentile
a. Exterior Restoration: Face brick at Gym South Wall complete. Wash down and punch list work underway.
b. Elevator: Installed and inspected.
c. Electrical: Installation of gym theater lighting, kitchen ceiling change order work.
d. Plumbing: Connecting last few fixtures, refrigerator water supply lines.
e. Mechanical: Balancing of water system, ERV’s, MAU, and Gym Unit.
f. Sprinkler: Kitchen ceiling change order work. Rest of the building is 100% installed and inspected.
g. Drywall: Punch list
h. Wood Doors: Wood doors installed on all floors, punch list work on going.
i. Door Hardware: Installation on going, punch list.
j. Painting: Finish paint ground floor, kitchen ceiling touch up paint.
k. Windows/ Sunshades: Windows shades installed, minor punch list work to complete.
l. Carpentry/ Millwork: Finish Carpentry on the ground floor, punch list work.
m. Plaster: Plaster repairs ongoing at ornate columns.
n. Ceramic Tile: Tile 100% in all bathrooms.
o. Resilient Flooring: Installation finishing up on ground floor classrooms and cafeteria.
p. Acoustic Ceilings: Ceiling 100%. Punch list work on-going.
q. Roofing: Copper roof flashing 100%, punch list and clean up on-going.
r. Site Concrete: Concrete placement complete.
s. Site: Railings at West Entry and Main Entry on-going, landscaping 99% complete
t. Playground: Installation of the Playground equipment is complete along with fencing/gates. Railing installation ongoing.

Andy stated we are not yet at substantial completion yet expects the building to be there in a couple of weeks. JWA had sent a letter a couple of weeks ago listing items that needed to be completed before attaining substantial completion and there are some items still not completed. At substantial completion time PDS, JWA and Owner put together a final list of punch list items stating a monetary value and sign off. After that there is a year’s warranty on the building so if something doesn’t work, it would be fixed after school hours.

Dorrie Brooks stated that the final cleaning has not been done and has notified PDS that the owner has the right to hold money back for cleaning.

Ron Superneau asked if we had received pricing yet on the wall mats for the playground. Dorrie Brooks stated we have not received anything yet from PDS.

B. Update by PDS
No one from PDS was at the meeting.

C. JWA Update
Dorrie Brooks took a moment to recognize some of the local sub-contractors, including Comalli Electric, Champlain Masonry, SRI, Pro Craft and Chandler and the excellent work they have done.

The Mayor stated that we will figure out some open house dates. One for the Sullivan parents and students and other for the general public.

The next will be November 30th at City Hall in Conference 202 (second floor) at 5 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:27 pm
Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Ziter