Jan 16, 2018

North Adams City Council

June 14, 2016
Meetings & Notices

City Clerk’s Office
June 8, 2016

City Council Meeting June 14, 2016

I hereby notify that at twelve noon today the following items of business have been filed with this office and will be acted upon at the meeting in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, Tuesday evening June 14, 2016 at seven-thirty o’clock according to Section 8, Rules and Orders of the City Council.
Marilyn Gomeau
City Clerk
June 14, 2016
Roll Call
Moment of silent remembrance
The Pledge
Hearing of Visitors
Approval of the minutes of May 24, 2016

11,388-1 Communication submitted by councilor Buddington regarding the Employee Handbook, which was postponed at the meeting of May 10, 2016.

11,524 Communication submitted by Councilor Moulton regarding signage on the lower half of Route 2, which was referred to the Traffic Commission and postponed at the meeting of April 26th.

11,528 Mayor’s communication #31 presenting the “Draft Budget” for FY’17.

11,528-1 Mayor’s communication #31A submitting the Budget, Classification and Compensation Plan for FY’17.

11,528-1 An Order appropriating the sum of $39,454,683.00 to be raised by taxation for FY’17.

11,531 An Ordinance amending Chapter 2, Section 2-27 of the Revised Ordinances, Schedule A, the Classification Plan and Compensation Plan for FY’17.

10,693-4 Mayor’s communication #33 regarding Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Program.

10,693-4 A Resolution for Parkland Acquisitions & Renovations for Communities Program for the Noel Field Complex.


11,532 Mayor’s communication #34 recommending a TIF Agreement with Beyond Works, LLC.

11,532 An Order authorizing the Mayor to enter into a TIF Agreement with Beyond Works, LLC.

11,533 Mayor’s communication #35 recommending an appropriation from Certified Free Cash to the Stabilization Account.

11,533 An Order appropriating the sum of $787,752 from Certified Free Cash to the Stabilization Account.

9513-23 Mayor’s communication #36 recommending an increase to the rates at the Transfer Station.

9513-23 An Ordinance amending Chapter 7 entitled Public Services, Section 7-11 entitled Disposal of Waste at the Transfer Station; Charges.

4840-22 Mayor’s communication #37 regarding an increase to the water rates.

4840-22 An Order amending Section 20 of the Water Rates, Rules and Regulations as most recently amended on June 10, 2014.



An application submitted by Marcus Whittman, 312 Walnut Street to drive taxi for Tunnel City.