Oct 18, 2018

North Adams Board of Health

November 16, 2016
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Conference Room #202


ē Approval of Minutes (October 19, 2016 & October 27, 2016))
ē Sharps Kiosk
ē On Line Permiting
ē Reports


Brendan Bullett, Chairperson

November 16, 2016

Members Present: Brendan Bullett (Chairperson)
John Meaney, Kevin Lamb

Others Present: Melissa Martin (BOH Secretary), William Meranti (Director of Inspection Services)

Chairperson Bullet made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Kevin Lamb. Unanimous vote.

Discussion was had regarding On-Line permitting and the board agreed that we wait until the new Health Director comes aboard so she can look further into this.

There have been 41 inspections since the last meeting in October with Bill and Norm conducting these inspections. The Health Director position has been filled. Valerie Knickerson-Bird started 11/15, will work again 11/22 and start full time 12/5/2016.

A commendation because of no power at 77 Chase Avenue, owned by James Greenlaw on November 9, 2016, the inspector was William Meranti.

On 10/24, inspector Rolnick failed a CC at Mohawk Forest #256 regarding plumbing and gas issues. Later Bill inspected and found the same violations. Mohawk Forest needs get their plumber to get their permits and inspections, then we will re-inspect. It is not life threatening situation, but a safety issue.

Alexis Rosaco application for Body Art was submitted. No reason she needs to attend a meeting, she just needs to follow our regulations.

Member Meaney brought before the board sharps kiosk discussion. There is an opportunity for the city to obtain a sharps kiosk; we only have to find a location in the city. DPH will take care of the other issues. There had been talk in the past for the location to be City Hall, Police Dept. It is as big as the med dispenser at the police department. Mike Cozzaglio mentioned to Member Meaney talking to Bill about removing the concrete closet. That would be the only way we could get it in the police department. In talking to others, Member Meaney said people would like to see it there because they already take meds and are open 24 / 7. Director Meranti stated this is a good location that is well lit and has cameras. The only thing is that it is not accessible. Member Meaney mentioned if someone pulls up, the cops are going out to get meds already. The board needs to let DPH know ASAP, they will regulate the whole thing we just need to get a location. Member Lamb asked if DPH had specific locations they go. Member Meaney stated City Halls, Community Centers. Director Meranti stated that we can make it work at the police department. The board needs to approve the kiosk and maybe set up a meeting with Mike Cozzaglio. Again, the director mentioned handicap accessibility. Member Meaney mentioned that he didnít know what DPH would think about that. If we canít put it there, it can come here or the Spitzer Center business hours only. Member Meaney made a motion to accept the sharps kiosk and work with the city officials to find the appropriate location for it. Chairman Bullet seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Member Meaney mentions tapestry. They want to couple the tapestry with the syringe access sought. Tapestry is nonexistent right now; Member Meaney stated that he didnít think that was happening right now on Main Street, he hasnít heard anything else. They were looking for another location. In the future maybe they can work together. We already voted to have Tapestry. Chairman Bullett signs the collaboration agreement which will be forwarded to Tapestry Health.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin