Oct 23, 2018

North Adams Board of Health

December 21, 2016
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Conference Room #202


• Approval of Minutes (November 16, 2016)
• New Health Director (Valerie Bird)
• Sharps Kiosk / Tapestry Health
• Body Art Application (AR Designs / Alexis Rosasco)
• Restaurant Inspections
• Public Hearing (287 River Street & 33-35 Hall Street)
• Reports


Brendan Bullett, Chairperson

December 21, 2016

Members Present: Brendan Bullett (Chairperson)
John Meaney, Kevin Lamb

Others Present: Melissa Martin (BOH Secretary), William Meranti (Director of Inspection Services), Valerie Bird (Health Inspector) & Tammy Daniels (IBerkshires)

Chairperson Bullet made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Kevin Lamb. Unanimous vote.

Introduction of our new Health Inspector Valerie Bird. She stated that she has been in this field for 20 years and lives in Windsor. She submitted her report with a breakdown of some things she has been doing. A couple complaints, some swimming pool, restaurant inspections, certificates of occupancy, Title V and a perk test. The board welcomes her.

Director Meranti stated that there was talk of the sharps kiosk at the police department. Member Meaney mentioned that Tapestry is going to have a place on 6 West Main Street and are hoping to combine the two, tapestry and the sharps kiosk to be located at that site. Director Meranti mentioned that they came before the Planning Board and stated that they would be taking sharps at the new site. Director Meranti stated that he was all for them handling the kiosk however, it will be limited hours. That is why the police department was offered because they were available 24 / 7 for access and staff. Chairperson Bullett inquired about the police department and had it already been arranged. There had been some discussion but was not sure stated Member Meaney. Secretary Martin asked if we should invite them to attend our next meeting in January, the board agreed.
Secretary Martin mentioned that the board approved the body art application from Alexis Rosasco at the previous meeting. However, there has been communication from Seth LaBonte (Arte Bella) regarding this applicant and her qualifications. He has been calling Jimmy. Ms. Martin stated that as far as the department and the Health Director Bird was concerned, she has all the qualifications. Chairperson Bullett stated that as long as she follows our guideline which we took from the state, she is qualified. Director Meranti mentioned that no one has proven that her qualifications are not legitimate, so she meets the criteria. Director Bird stated that she meets the states qualifications that we have adopted. Chairperson Bullett inquired about inspections, yes, the department conducts them. Director Meranti stated that she has been before the Planning Board and Director Bird has been there once as well.

Director Bird informed the board that Mark Vadnais has been conducting restaurant inspections and she and he have done the Eagles, American Legion, VFW and the Elks. Director Meranti mentioned that they are caught up and will conduct others in the spring.

Public Hearing:

287 River Street - Director Bird stated that it is our plan to put this -property in receivership. She met with the Assistant Attorney General today and this seems like a good candidate for the program. The property is abandoned, open to the elements, no taxes due. The Assistant Attorney General visited the site and took photos to start the process. There is some question who owns this property, Anthony Donavan or the bank. That is up to the Attorney General’s office to determine that. There have been multiple violations from 2007 on this property. Chairperson Bullett made a motion and second by member Meaney to officially condemn this property at 287 River Street. Unanimous vote.

33-35 Hall Street – After receiving a complaint and visiting the site and finding dead animals. The property manager (Altisource) responded by boarding the building and getting a roll off permit to start to trash out this property. This property was going to be put in receivership but they are doing what they are supposed to do, so that’s not necessary.
Chairperson Bullett inquired about condemning this property. Director Bird stated that we are going to officially condemn as a matter of formality so no one lives in the building and remains boarded and secured. Chairperson Bullett made a motion and second by member Lamb to officially condemn this property at 33-35 Hall Street. Unanimous vote.

Another property that may go into receivership is 116 Pleasant Street. After we do an inspection on 12/29/2016, we can determine if this is a good candidate for the program or if it needs to be torn down. Both directors will inspect and determine.

Secretary Martin submitted to the board the MAHB regulations on the Marijuana Act and asked them to review for discussion at the next meeting.

Chairperson Bullet stated to the board that Jared (Public) has reached out to him inquiring about determining hair restraints for servers and kitchen staff. He informed Jared that we would revisit it. Director Meranti stated that Mark had done inspections and individuals had facial hair with no restraints. Our regs indicate that if you have facial hair, you must wear a restraint. If the board has some thought of changing this regulation, how would we enforce? Director Bird stated restraints are needed for prep, kitchen but not servers. There is a gray area in MGL. Director Bird stated that it is up to the board. It was determined that the department will contact Jared.

The next Meeting will be January 18, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin