Jul 12, 2020

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

March 19, 2018
Meetings & Notices


Date: March 19, 2018

Meeting will start at 6: 00 pm @ Law Library in City Hall!

Open Forum:

Reading of the minutes:

Old Business:
Discuss lights to be moved from River Grove Park:
Splash Update:
Baseball Schedules:
Marty’s Tee Ball
Youth Baseball
Highschool Schedules
Youth Softball
Steeple Cats
Spring Soccer

New Business:

Ideas for a future PARC Grant project:

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Koperek
Parks & Recreation Commission

Unapproved Minutes:

Date: March 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm at Law Library City Hall

Committee Attendance: Rick Wood, Tim Koperek, George Canales, Kate Galli, Robert LeClaire

Guests: Larysa Bernstein (Community Dev), Mike Canales (City Admin), David Willette, and Jack Guerino (I Berkshires)

Open forum:
Larysa Bernstein, updated the Parks and Rec Committee on the proposed splash park at the Noel Field Complex. The $400,000 grant, through Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Community, is in the design phase. The design includes the splash park, pickle ball, bocce ball, two basketball courts and landscaping. Berkshire Design Group Inc. of Northampton, MA has been awarded the design contract and construction is tentatively scheduled to start by the end of summer 2018. Larysa also asked that committee members give some thought about other parks projects we wish to accomplish with possible future grants.

Reading of Minutes from January 22, 2018 meeting –Minutes approved.

Old Business:
It was reviewed that the lights at the River Grove Park must stay at that park. The North Adams Youth Baseball expressed an interest in having the lights moved to Fallon Field. The committee was informed that Kemp Park is not ADA compliant and the city would like to move forward on making Kemp Park a green space. They would like to remove the dugouts, fencing, the shed behind home plate and the concession stand.

Baseball/Softball schedules: The Drury & McCann boys baseball, and Drury girls softball, Marty’s Tee Ball and Steeple Cats have submitted their spring schedules with field requirements. It was verified that The Lafesta Baseball exchange team will hold its 100th game on July 21 and July 22, 2018 at Joe Wolfe Field. Joe Wolfe Field will not be available those dates for other events.

New Business:

At the next meeting, the committee would like to move forward with discussion about a proposal for a grant application to build a senior outdoor community gym at the Noel Field Complex. This would encourage the many seniors that currently walk the grounds at the Joel Wolfe Field Complex to use the gym. The Parks and Recreation Committee will hold its next meeting on April 23, 2018. The committee will invite the North Adams Youth Baseball League for their input on the leagues future needs.

Adjourn: 6:40 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Koperek
Parks & Recreation Commission