Jan 22, 2019

Faces: Five Voices from One Community – Addiction and Recovery in North Berkshire

November 18, 2016
Cultural Events

North Adams Movieplex, 80R Main St

(413) 663-7588, or wpenner@nbccoalition.org

10 am - 12 pm


nbCC’s Needs Assessment Forum in September overwhelmingly identified addiction and

recovery as a topic that residents want to address. The November forum will preview a film

featuring five local stories related to addiction and recovery. This short but moving film, by local

videographer Joe Aidonidis, will engage the community in understanding the challenges related

to addiction and recovery in our community. Following the film, a panel Q&A will discuss

resources available in Northern Berkshire, what resources are needed, and how to build our

capacity as a community to support recovery.